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Click on state list I started at Alaska and intend to send James letter to ever rep in
the country.  On the list copy the email of rep (

Dear Rep Young,

During the Vietnam War we, the members of the 8th TFW, Ubon Thailand, served
our country voluntarily and unconditionally accepted the conditions of conventional
combat without concern for our own personal safety. We trusted our government to
do its part in protecting us from unnecessary hazards. However, we were secretly
betrayed and exposed to the toxic herbicide Agent Orange (AO). Even after our
military brothers began to suffer serious illnesses and started dying at an early age,
that secrecy was maintained. It was decades later that the appalling secret was
finally exposed, forcing our government to admit that those who served in Vietnam
were subjected to a potentially toxic agent. During that same period an
unprecedented number of veterans who served in Thailand were succumbing to the
same illnesses. Nevertheless, Thailand Veteran's claims were denied based on our
government’s allegation AO was not used there. As the illness rate mounted, the
Government eventually relented and accepted Thailand claims, but only from
Thailand based Security Police forces (SPs). This was based on the
acknowledgement AO was indeed used along Thailand base perimeters where the
SP’s spent most of their time. That confession ignored a critical factor. The majority
of the Ubon military population was housed in open-air barracks and in many
instances spent their working hours closer than 50 feet of those very same
perimeters as well as other AO treated areas.
AO was applied by contracted Thai Nationals using high pressure spray
apparatuses. The defoliant was repeated often enough to result in base-wide areas
of barren terrain -- even in a tropical environment. Those spray applications had a
mist carry range of over 500 meters. Frequent traffic on the adjacent perimeter dirt
roads and jet engine exhaust/prop wash from aircraft created a potentially constant
airborne contamination. Torrential monsoons added to the AO propagation through
heavy rain runoffs.
It is common knowledge by all who served at the several military installations in
Thailand, that constant eradication of foliage on and around those installations was
accomplished by frequent defoliant treatments. Our Ubon brothers who suffer from
several forms of the AO related illnesses continue to be denied claims that should
have led to medical interventions long ago. Not only are Vets being denied claims,
but due to lost records and poor VA filing practices, it is routine for the VA to require
veterans to repeatedly re-file with fruitless results. Such ineffectual behaviors
deliberate or otherwise should be investigated. It goes without saying, if such
unethical treatment of our military men and women continues, it will surely deter their
heroic spirit of voluntarily offering their lives for a country that forgets them as soon
as the conflict has ended.
We the undersigned brothers/family members of the 8th TFW, Ubon Wolf Pack,
implore your attention and resolution to a serious and unethical situation that has
been perpetuated far too long.
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