I served in Thailand at Ubon RTAFB Nov 66 to Nov 67 in the 8th FMS as an aircraft
sheet metal repairman.  I have Type 2 diabetes and have been trying to get SC since
2004.  Fighting to prove AO was used in Thailand and other places in SEA has been an
ongoing struggle.  It is a struggle I am not fighting alone.  So many good people trying
to help.  I believe we will win this struggle.  

In the process of doing this I have found that some of our elected representatives  
don't seem to care about veterans and their  problems.  I have also found that proving
boots on ground is the fastest way to get SC and to that end I have been in contact
with several that are willing to furnish buddy statements at flights in and out of
Vietnam.  But I and others are working to prove Agent Orange was in fact used in
Thailand among other places.

I had a board hearing in 2008 at my regional office and my case was remanded and
after 2 more years it was denied.  I requested a board hearing in D.C.  which I had on
March 7, 2011.  My DAV representative stated my claim had merit and I gave
credible testimony about the proximity to the perimeters at Ubon.  

I was finally approved for exposure to herbicides but I would have wanted it to show
more bearing on exposure in Thailand and not my flights into Vietnam.  I do believe
the new C &P about the use of herbicides on the perimeter did help me. I wish I would
have included my neuropathy in my lower extremities but I did not so have to refile
for that and my hypertension.

This year I was finally granted 70% disability but still I think my neuropathy is worse
that they say so the struggle goes on.

If you have any questions or need assistance please email me at: